About Our Store

Village Market proudly serves Wellington and its surrounding communities. You will find fresh local produce, USDA Choice meats, a full service deli and bakery, and a large selection of grocery, dairy, frozen, and beer and wine items!

The Village Market grocery store was originally known as "Edwards Foods." It was opened in 1944 by Bob Brumfield and family and it was located in a small store front in downtown Wellington. Business grew, the name changed to "Sparkle Market", and the little market moved to a bigger location downtown where it became a full-service grocery store. Business continued to grow and after many additions, in 1984, the Brumfields decided to built a new store and move business to its current location north of town. The new store was equipped with all the latest technology including laser UPC code scanning registers with scanner scales.

In 2002 the store, Village Market, was sold to local resident and current owner Steve Krakomperger, where he continues the legacy of the Brumfields: to be, as Ernie Brumfield put it, one of the "...good retailers doing more for the customers." Offering freshness, quality, and name brand products at a low price along with friendly, helpful customer service is the Village Market's route to success. A 16,000 square foot warehouse in Wellington allows Village Market the opportunity to buy in bulk. It eliminates the middle man, thus passing the savings on to the customers. Just look for the yellow Truckload Sale signs throughout the store.

Since Village Market is a locally owned business, they do their best to support other Ohio businesses-such as Ballreich and Dan Dee potato chips-by selling their products in the store. Whenever possible, the produce department is stocked with fresh produce from local farms so you get the freshest and best tasting product around. If you are feeling nostalgic and are looking for delicious ice cream you remember from yesteryear, try one of the Ohio-based ice cream brands such as Toft's, Smith's, Ruggles, Pierres, or Velvet!

Some of the other Ohio-based products you will find at Village Market are:

  • "Your Deli" chicken paprikash
  • "Stein's" honey
  • "Dei Fratelli" products
  • "Smiths" dairy products
  • "Sugardale" and "Walnut Creek" meat and deli items.
  • "Mama Jo's" pies
  • "Burnham's Orchard" apples and cider
  • "Marshallville" smoked sausage
  • "Gerber's" chicken
  • Plus many craft beers brewed throughout Ohio

Village Market offers "Our Family" products as their house brand. "Our Family" products are high quality, delicious foods offered at 30%-40% less than name brands.

Village Market is proud to offer a variety of health food options. Whether it is whole-wheat or gluten free cereal, lactose-free or organic milk, lactaid (lactose free) ice-cream, or fresh fruits and vegetables, there are many options for healthy choices.

Village Market's desire to help the community is evident in its support of local charities and organizations such as Well-Help (an organization in Wellington that helps provide food for local families in need) and provides for homeless shelters through the delivery and donation of low priced groceries. They offer free delivery to the elderly via the local mini bus. Village Market also strives to help the local youth by sponsoring local sports teams and donating to school events. Village Market is a large supporter of the Wellington School District.